A Case of Spending a Penny to Save a Pound?

Travel Buyers Unwilling to Spend More Money for Better Data.

29 September 2014
Seventy-five percent of travel buyers surveyed are working with their suppliers to get more customised reporting, yet more than half of them are not willing and do not intend to spend more money to get it.

Of all respondents, 43 percent indicated they work with their travel management company to receive customised reporting by getting deeper intelligence into their travel spending, while 31 percent of respondents said they were planning to mandate traveller use of TMC’s in the next 12 months to capture more data.

Similarly, 23 percent would mandate use of those providers to capture better spend information at the time of purchase, in order to capture highly valuable real-time travel data.

While it was predominantly agreed upon that more substantial travel reporting is needed, 56 percent of respondents indicated they are not willing to spend more to improve insight into their travel data.

In efforts to curb additional fees for better data, 21 percent of those surveyed indicated they would "bring more raw data in-house for internal analysis, while 16 percent said they would “make do” with their current quality of data. Only 9 percent of travel buyers surveyed said they would be happy spending more money for better data.
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