Best Western GB launches the Cold Weather Concierge

Best Western finds added-value for guests in the cold

24 February 2015
As the cold snap continues throughout the country, Best Western GB is taking the chilly weather in its stride with the introduction of the complimentary Cold Weather Concierge (CWC).
If the thought of trudging out to their vehicles to de-ice the windows and windscreen seems too much for guests, then the Cold Weather Concierge can be called in to help at a selection of the 279 Best Western GB properties.
On arrival guests will be asked whether they would like to receive the CWC service and provide a few details such as an estimated departure time. Guests can then spend a few more minutes, warm in the hotel whilst CWC swings into action to clear ice with special Best Western scraper, which guests can then keep for further use.
What’s more, on leaving the hotel guests will have a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate in a Best Western take-away cup to warm them up on the start of their onward journey.
Richard Lewis, CEO at Best Western GB says, “At this time of the year, when there’s frost on the ground, the British Isles are absolutely beautiful, but we know the weather can make travelling difficult. We’ve launched the Cold Weather Concierge to ensure our guests can enjoy a few extra moments in the warmth of our hotels and skip the hassle of de-icing their cars.”
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