Confidence.... planning ahead after Brexit vote

28 June 2016
A few weeks ago a record number of people registered to vote in the EU referendum. That’s despite the increasingly alarmist claims made by both sides in the “Punch and Judy” arena of UK politics. Since the result was announced there has been both social and economic responses, some of which leaves us feeling uncomfortable and uncertain.
At a time of uncertainty there can be lots of ifs and maybes, but like with every difficult situation it’s about how we deal with it, and make the best of the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
Right here and now, we need to watch and wait. While the UK economy has reacted to the news, we need to keep positive and focus on a certain future when we know things will return back to some degree of normality. In a few weeks’ time, the immediate impact of the referendum will become clearer - with clarity comes certainty, and with certainty comes a basis for planning forward.
Should you feel you need to take steps to influence your costs, PHR has a tool box of solutions that can help you to assess and review your costs - whether this be around you costs in managing expenses, opportunities within your travel and expenses policies, or simply being confident you can get the best deal when you place enquiries. Don’t forget, the team at PHR will benchmark hotels in the market to validate and secure the best deal on every booking.
As with any situation, our best advice is to plan forward, communicate effectively with your colleagues, and help us help you reach informed decisions for the long term.
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