Expenses Outside of your Travel Policy

Should you care about expenses outside of your travel policy?

20 October 2016
Managing travel costs is absolutely critical to what can be one of the highest company costs after salaries, and most companies have already automated expense management, or have it on their agenda for the next 12 months.
Part and parcel of looking at this is not only the technology solution but also the policies that you already have in place around travel and expenses. However be careful not to just focus on the services you pay for on behalf of your travellers. Now is the time to think about what your travellers may want to access irrespective of what the company is willing to pay for.

This might initially seem a strange consideration, but if you are looking at what may not be billed to company through automated expense management, is it more convenient for your travellers to have the choice to select additional options they can pay for themselves? Your expense management solution may be welcomed more warmly if you give travellers some additional choices they can choose to take advantage of at their own cost – some of which they may already be paying for anyway.
Travellers will frequently access other services such as speedy boarding, upgrades, or even a bunch of flowers for loved ones, during the course of their travelling experience, but they often have to live with the inconvenience of dealing with this outside of their business travel experience because it’s not permitted within the travel and expense policy.
Employees should always be at the heart of any company’s travel and expense policy. As technology advances, and the sharing economy diversifies, you have the opportunity to help your travellers enjoy their business journeys, irrespective of whether you are ultimately footing the bill or not.
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