How to create a greener travel policy

Ensure your travel policy is sustainable with these 7 tips

29 July 2015
Whether people like to admit it or not, the environment usually plays second fiddle to profit. The recent recession all but confirmed this, with the majority of green initiative ideas and concepts being left in the dark for nearly five years.

Yet with economies looking more positive and promising, sustainability has well and truly returned to the business agenda. With this in mind, we thought it would be good to put together some tips for you to follow, ensuring your policy hits all those environmentally responsible buttons:

  1. What’s your end goal?
When creating a CO2 reduction programme, start with the end in mind and follow a process that delivers measurable and achievable results.

  1. Showing your boss return on investment
Identify your company’s key corporate sustainability objectives and align them to the travel programme.

  1. Achieving your goals
Collect CO2 data from key suppliers, as well as TMCs, online self-booking tool providers and credit card companies. Define a high-level set of goals and objectives with your company’s current environment policy. Then, calculate the potential reduction in total CO2: for example, a five per cent reduction in year one, rising to 15 per cent the following year.

  1. Management endorsement
The success of any programme will come by gaining management endorsement, being patient, delivering clear motivational communications, recognising success and maximising employee engagement.

  1. Sustaining the sustainability programme
Be prepared to invest over a sustained period. Integrate and align new travel procedures to ensure business-as-usual.

  1. The supplier
You need to engage suppliers particularly TMCs, as they need to know what you want to achieve – and at the same time you need to be happy that they are also working in line with these goals within their own company.
If you want to go further, you may want to engage with airlines to find out what type of aircraft they use. It may be one of the deciding factors when choosing a preferred carrier.

Look at hotel partners and engage them in discussions about sustainability at review meetings.

  1. Communication
Ensure you communicate all of your initiatives to your travellers via booker forums, newsletters, email or messages at point of booking.
Follow these tips to ensure you, your travellers and you policy overall hits all the green initiative targets!
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