London hotel rates still highest in Europe

London tops European hotel prices despite fall in rates

3 November 2014
A study by found that despite a fall in average rates, London remains the most expensive European capital city for hotel rooms.

The average hotel rate in London fell from £139.21 in September 2013 to £134.63 in September 2014, equating to a 3.3% drop in rates. Paris (£125.44), Oslo (£124.95) and Copenhagen (£123.94) were the next most expensive European Capital cities.

Moscow saw its rates tumble more than 15% to an average rate of £108.64 following the fall in value of the Ruble due to ongoing issues in Ukraine. The city remains the ninth most expensive European Capital though.

Similarly to London, New York, which has the highest average room rate of all major global cities (£186.13) saw its average rate fall 3.7% on last year’s rate.

Slower-than-expected economic growth, in conjunction with a growing appetite for cost reduction and an increase in supply of hotel rooms has resulted in a number of cities seeing hotel rates fall slightly on last year’s rates.

Elsewhere in the UK, Manchester saw room rates rise 3.8% year-on-year to £94.11, Glasgow’s prices fell 13% to £81.56 and Birmingham’s hotels charged an average of £70.72, a 10% increase on last year.
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