Losing Reception at Reception

33% of people would rather give up sex than their mobile phone

7 May 2014
Mobile phones have transformed the way in which we work and live. Their ability to do almost everything we need and more has resulted in them being a vital tool; yours will be with you almost all day today.

A recent survey found that rather than giving up a mobile phone, 22% of people would give up their toothbrush, 21% would rather give up wearing shoes and 20% would sooner get rid of their computer. Are they really that valuable to how we communicate and work?

So what happens when you go to a large conference centre for your important exhibition and as usual, as soon as you register at reception, you lose all mobile signal. Annoying, I know, but might you be better off? Might you actually reach your “5 new prospects” target because you aren’t being hassled by your buzzing device.

Think about how networking used to be done. A handshake. Conversation. An exchange of business cards and all without each party hiding behind their phone or tablet. The above painting by street artist Banksy last month highlights what he calls “Modern Love”. There is a danger that you miss what is right in front of you while at your next conference because of your all-in-one dear device.

Since hotels with stronger Wi-Fi connection are now able to charge higher prices, it would appear we command connectivity.

When planning an event, do you worry that if guests are connected elsewhere, they won’t connect with your event?

If you have reception, please get in touch, call, email, tweet or Facebook – if you do not have reception, please no carrier pigeons.
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