Rail Report points to Online Savings

Industry report highlights saving opportunities booking online

28 September 2016
A recent report from rail technology company SilverRail identified that in 2015 there were 1.68 billion rail journeys in the UK, a growth of 70% over the last 20 years. The statistics highlight how much business related travel contributes towards the rail industry with 30% of journeys being commuters and 40% being corporate travel.
The report from SilverRail highlighted how the introduction of self-service ticket machines has affected rail travel with 77% of all long distance and non-season ticket sales being recorded through these machines usually located in station foyers. In recent years travellers have been able to use self-service machines to collect tickets booked online (Ticket on Departure or ToD), however this only represented 26% of tickets issued in 2015.
By booking tickets in advance the traveller has a greater opportunity to access lower cost fares rather than being rushed at a ticket machine queue. The report backs this up and has fantastic news for those booking online. 83% of online bookings book a reduced fare, compared to 61% generally. The average saving per ticket booked online was 15%.
Encouraging your travellers to book ahead is a must for anyone who has a reasonable amount of spend on trains. The report highlights that 39% of tickets (not including season tickets) are booked as Anytime fares.  While these are the most flexible fares they are also the most costly, so at PHR we would work with travellers to help them consider other options.
At PHR we recommend leveraging optimum savings by displaying the lowest cost fares to your travellers first, encouraging travellers to select the more cost effective fares on every journey. If the traveller doesn’t select the lowest cost fare, it is a good idea to ask the traveller to select from a list of reasons as to why - this will help you understand ongoing traveller behaviour.
In summary, you can reduce rail costs by encouraging travellers to book ahead, consider flexible tickets and deploy a managed solution to your rail expenditure. If you would like to understand more then please do not hesitate to get in touch!
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