Something to Talk About?

Sometimes it’s easy to forget why people get together.

31 May 2016
Sometimes it’s easy to forget why people get together, and this is something we often think about when we attend an event or meet up to sort something out. Whether the meeting is happening in the office or offsite, the whole reason you need to meet is because you have something to talk about, and that means you either want to plan towards deciding on something or actually make decisions in the most effective and informed way possible.
PHR continues to see a growing demand from customers for offsite meetings, and one thing we like to do is to help you get the most out of the time you have put aside to get people together. You can make your meeting effective through planning, setting realistic objectives and establishing some clear actions as you go along, but this will of course be based upon what you are needing to do.
Where the team at PHR can assist is by helping you structure your day based upon your objectives, and here are a few tips as to how:
Start well - if you have people travelling from a distance, offer accommodation the night before so they are well rested before the meeting, or alternatively plan something that’s not particularly taxing for the first thirty minutes so everyone can get themselves into a more receptive place than thinking about the traffic they may have just been battling through.
Make a break productive - sometimes breaks can become a matter of minutes during the course of a meeting if the schedule slips, which is a shame as a break can be a really good way for your attendees to refresh and re-focus their minds to the matter in hand. If it makes sense for your meeting, why not use the break and associated refreshments as an opportunity to encourage your delegates to do some informal thinking around what you are talking about - people can come up with some great ideas over a coffee and a slice of cake!
Get involved - there are so many ways in which you can make a meeting more engaging, not least by increasing the interactivity between everyone present. Sometimes that can be as simple as making sure everyone has chance to speak, but there are also some technology solutions you can use to get people putting ideas together on a smart wall which you can save and bring along to a later meeting.
The UK is amongst the best places to meet and talk - research from the International Congress and Convention Association (ICCA) has just seen the UK move into the top three destinations in the world for international association meetings based on events hosted in 2015. Ultimately, whether you are getting together with thousands of people or several people, the intention is to get together and make decisions as productively as possible. Helping you do that, makes us feel even better about the service we provide.
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