Technology joins Compliance as biggest trend for industry

Compliance and technology predicted to be in 2015

16 December 2014
A recently published report predicting the outlook of the Meetings and Events Industry for 2015 has predicted compliance will once again be a primary focus.

The new research puts compliance both as the number one concern for companies consolidating their programmes, as well as organisers who seek additional transparency across new territories. In addition to this, new compliance regulations set to be implemented for conferences within the Pharmaceutical and Financial industries will all but reinforce the report’s recent hypothesis.

The report also predicted technology would play a major part in 2015. New technologies, including smart watches and Google Glass, which are now available to the mass public, can be utilised by event planners to engage delegates like never before. Such factors suggest wearable technologies are set to be big business in 2015. In addition, near field communications (NFC) is also coming to the fore, which can tailor messages for delegates by synching with their smartphones and other mobile technology.

The report found Britain is a frontrunner in the utilisation of technology as an increasing number of meetings planners aim to integrate social media into their event strategy in 2015.

The report also went on in offering a number of suitable recommendations for event planners to assist with new demands within the industry, including hybrid events to save costs and involve remote employees unable to participate in person. Moreover basing events in-country or in-region to minimise costs as well as working with an agency with industry relationships to get the best deals were also recommended.
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