The end of hotel keys and cards as we know it?

Starwood Hotels introduce smartphone key system

10 November 2014
Starwood Hotels and Resorts have introduced a mobile technology room entry system into a number of their hotels, allowing guests to use their smartphones to unlock their hotel room doors instead of the traditional set of keys or entry card.

“SPG Keyless” debuted on 3rd November in 10 hotels within a number of cities including Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, Los Angeles and Doha. The system is planned to be implemented into 150 Starwood Hotels and Resorts by Spring 2015.

The system, which is only available to Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) loyalty scheme members who book through an official Starwood channel and register their phone with the SPG app, will also mean guests will no longer have to check in with hotel staff, as the system automatically checks the guest in when the door is unlocked with their mobile device.

Frits Van Paasschen, Starwood’s CEO explained that “Not only does SPG Keyless alleviate a perennial pain point for travellers; it also transforms the first interaction with our guests from one that is transactional to something more personal.” Paasschen went on to say that “This is just the beginning, through mobile we have the opportunity to marry high tech and high touch to transform the hotel experience in many exciting ways”

With mobile technology turning heads with its publicised mobile payment capabilities for travel buyers and business travellers, SPG Keyless is sure to assist in the transition of mobile technology from a supplementary facility into a commodity within the business travel industry.
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