The SNP and the future of Scottish business travel

The SNP: How would Scottish independence affect business trave

22 May 2015
Despite Scotland voting “No” last year to the question of independence, The SNP’s new found following and subsequent overhaul of both Scottish and Westminster politics has brought with it the possibility of the choice being put to the people again.

So what, if any, would change if Scotland voted yes?

Beyond the ‘Big Two’ cities, Glasgow and Edinburgh, the most obvious business travel destination is Aberdeen, as the gateway to the North Sea oil region and home to major branches of a large number of offshore companies. There will be as much need as ever to reach these major business destinations and Scottish independence will most likely not change that.

However, there may prove to be some behind-the-scenes bureaucracy to take care of. If anything, an independent Scotland would be keen to embrace and encourage international business connectivity – a direct destination in its own right, rather than one that may previously have channelled business and commerce as part of the UK. Could this effect the remaining UK’s level of business travel more than expected? How much of the current English business travel expenditure is primarily associated with Scotland?

Moreover, The ‘Yes’ campaigners are behind the development of new air routes, and a reduction of Air Passenger Duty (APD), along with a promise of assistance for any interested and involved parties to ensure a smooth transition, especially in relation to any administrative processes that may need to change.
This could be particularly keenly felt when it comes to dividing up regulatory responsibility, though even that is unlikely to be resolved straight away.

Whatever happens with the vote, Scotland will likely remain a primary destination for business travellers for years to come.
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