Four top trends shaping events in 2015

Trends set to shape the events industry this year

6 February 2015
With the welcoming of February and the worn novelty of a beginning of a new year, 2015 is officially in the full swing of things. The focus of many event professionals has shifted towards understanding what patterns will ultimately define their industry this year. PHR takes a look at these trends and explains their significance to event organisers in 2015:
Quality v Quantity
Gone are the days of delegate’s numbers defining an event’s credibility, but it is now rather the content of the event itself. Event professionals will need to offer their delegates more “bang for their buck” in order to stand out and impress in 2015.
Big Data Collection and Usage
Incorporating some form of CRM system to assist in the understanding of delegate likes and dislikes beforehand will be more of a necessity than a trend in 2015.
Intertwined to the “quality v quantity” trend, by tracking your attendees you can make the event experience more relevant to them. The understanding of a delegate’s likes and dislikes will undoubtedly increase the perceived quality of the event for the individual.
The “TED” factor
TED has become almost the go-to format for events. A TED talk is about one topic and it only lasts for 18 minutes. It is a tactical change in format and something event organisers can implement very quickly.
The format involves networking in a slightly different way. Two presentations after the other then there’s a networking break. Lights go up in the room and people talk about what they’ve seen without leaving the room. Event organisers will be expected to incorporate similar methods into their events this year.
Audiences Taking Control of Event Content
2015 is set to see more and more audiences take control of the content with social media being the biggest driver of this.
Delegates bringing iPads and smartphones to events should now always be told not to turn them off because it allows them to take control of the content they want to see and allows them to direct it.
So for your next event, try incorporating these four ideas where applicable and see if they improve the experience not just for you but more importantly, your delegates.
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