PRIORITY Business Solutions

The business solutions we provide are all about making the day to day needs of a company easier.
We help organisations with their policies so that travel and expense management works seamlessly to the company’s objectives. Access to our services should be simple so that both employers and employees can focus on the success of what they do.
Whether it’s about better understanding business needs, creating better visibility to costs and savings, or fulfilling corporate and social responsibility, we commit to engaging with you strategically, exploring options so that you can make confident informed decisions on your policies.
We will also seamlessly provide our expertise in event or project solutions as appropriate.
Our business solutions provide centralised management that can simply synch with a company’s own centralised services. Every business has different priorities, so we don’t limit you to a “one fits all” service.
Yes, we provide online services to help with the management and fulfilment of bookings, but we always have friendly experts ready to provide help and support.
We book hundreds of thousands of nightly accommodation, accessing multiple channels of availability including special discounts and deals worldwide.
While we work closely with service providers we provide independent recommendations and help. As hotels extend and limit the services they make available, we help business travellers to be confident their accommodation will do what they need.
We benchmark and review prices so we can negotiate the best deals based on what a business needs, on both a long term and ad hoc basis, providing analysis of performance.
We make sure that bookings are made in accordance with travel policies including details of allowances. Where we provide billing services we can validate all costs to ensure that companies are only billed for amounts they have authorised.
Whether we are talking rail or flights, we provide access to an extensive range of service providers in the UK and overseas, helping the traveller towards accessing the most cost effective and efficient routes to match all budgets.
We tailor the booking environment to reflect the company’s travel and expense policy, and can provide different levels of access depending on your needs. We will ensure that all costs are fully documented including vendor fees and other ancillary items, in addition to processing refunds as quickly as possible.
We continue to review technology as service providers engage with mobile based ticketing options and continue to provide up-to-date information on issues that may affect service provision so that travellers have the choice to be kept informed should something affect their travel arrangements.
Simple Meetings
When you hold a meeting away from your offices, we know how important it is for the meeting to be as effective as possible. We make sure we understand the requirements so that we can make recommendations and find you the best options.
We will make sure that the timings, facilities and equipment are all sorted out and who you will be looking after you on the day so that you know the meeting will go ahead as planned, and we will make sure that all the costs are exactly as agreed.
We work strategically to engage with the size and scale of your requirements in a range of ways. For example we can look at streamlining the terms and conditions based on your key demand locations, or integrate your own meeting room availability so that you know it is being used first without incurring additional cost.
We can also assist with full delegate management of larger events.
Billing and Expenses
As we confirm all the booking and allowance details, we can validate the charges raised by service providers, raising any queries over costs before they are passed to the company. We can also retain digital copies of all bills to aid in cost validation and audit.
By managing the payments, we can reduce central costs through consolidated billing backed up with all the detail of the charges. This consolidated billing enables the organisation to instantly reclaim their VAT based on the invoices we issue.
We continue to review the latest technology to aid the ease of billing and expense management. We provide a robust service that works in partnership with a company’s own centralised processes, reducing costs which can make a direct saving against the bottom line.

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