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Whether you have a couple of people returning to the same location for a period of time, or you have multiple people needing to visit locations at different times in support of a project, it’s critical that you can trust in the arrangements, avoid worry and concentrate on the work in hand.
Organisations need to know where their people are and the last thing you need on arriving at your destination is to have to be dealing with bookings and trying to locate people. By working closely with your project management team we will help ensure you can get on with what’s needed.
That’s because at PRIORITY we are specialists in project business. We deliver on the detail so that your investment in your project work can deliver for your business.
Doing the Detail
We talk to project managers, establish what’s required and make sure that we completely fulfil the brief, making sure that service providers understand what’s needed so that your project can go well.
Each project has key considerations that ultimately affect the success or otherwise of the project. Having people with you at the right time makes all the difference, so we’ll make sure we ask the right questions so that happens.
Hotels may not normally provide the services you might expect, and may not have the infrastructure in place to give you the flexibility your project may need. We establish key information such as when you need people to check in and check out, whether there will be night working, and how you would like to handle meals and parking arrangements. We discuss these arrangements with the venue and make sure everyone involved is fully briefed on what’s needed.
Travel arrangements are important too, especially as getting people to the project can have a major impact considering a company’s obligations under the working time directive. Again this comes down to the brief and understanding what you need and what will work for the project.
Should you need office or meetings space to base yourself onsite or additional services we will go and find the solution to make sure the project can work as effectively and efficiently as possible.
Cost Management
We make sure that all the billing is validated in line with the information we have confirmed, confirming that charges are in line with authorisation procedures. All exceptions are queried and then flagged up should they still stand.
By managing the payments, we can reduce central costs through consolidated billing backed up with all the detail of the charges. This consolidated billing enables the company to instantly reclaim their VAT based on the invoices we issue. We can also retain digital copies of all bills to aid in cost validation and audit.

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