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Each and every event is individual and unique with different objectives. Ultimately anything is possible and we have the experience to work with you to establish what you need and find a way to work within the budget you have available.
That doesn’t mean that it needs to be complicated. In fact sometimes it can be incredibly simple. But ultimately it’s essential that you can have the confidence to know that your event requirements are fully matched by the services we provide.
In some cases you could be organising a dinner or event where you need us to provide a short list of accommodation online for your attendees while you focus on the main event itself.
In other cases you may have a product launch or large conference that needs to deliver the message you want to send out, whether that be for members of your association or communicating the priorities of the business.
It’s not just about understanding your brief, it’s also about giving you the confidence that we are working diligently on your behalf. When we take the brief and gain and understanding of what your event needs to deliver we will also make sure we understand your timeline so that we can make sure we are keeping in touch according to your schedule, letting you know how things are going giving you the confidence to know we’ve got it covered.
For some dinners and events, it may be that attendees, whether they be exhibitors, speakers or delegates, need to source and pay for their own accommodation.  Being the organisers, you may have your own requirements too. At PRIORITY we have a dedicated team who can help.
Our team will take a brief of your requirements and source the best rates balanced with good availability at nearby hotels to suit the needs and budgets of everyone attending. We make the accommodation available online which means your event has its own personal event code for online booking which can be branded by you; allowing for free of charge, seamless and simple hotel bookings.
The rates we source with hotels are either a guaranteed fixed rate or discount on the best available rate, and are arranged months in advance as we know that some of your attendees will be wanting to book as soon as they confirm attendance. We don’t simply book the rates we publish, but will always look to see if there’s a better deal available, maintaining the integrity of the service.
Should you want some of the costs to be billed to yourselves we can look at providing billing services which can validate all costs to ensure that the company is only billed for amounts that have been authorised.
Sometimes transportation to events can be critical to secure the attendance you need and the engagement required from everyone attending.
Whether we are talking rail or flights, we provide access to an extensive range of service providers in the UK and overseas, helping the traveller towards accessing the most cost effective and efficient routes to match all budgets.
As many of these requirements are based upon multiple people needing to reach the same location in a timely manner, we can also arrange transfers from railway stations and airports so that you have one less thing to worry about.
We always gain an understanding of how the company wants the event to work and feel, to get the message right and to make it memorable. We work to identify exactly what’s needed and then report back with a range of detailed options that fit the bill with the assurance that we will have negotiated hard to get the best prices including the services required.
We can arrange visits to venues, meetings with recommended service providers and any technical information required. We have a trusted network of partners who can deliver a massive range of services: theming, technical production, video, speakers, team building, catering, gifts - you name it we can sort it.
We can attend on the day to manage the event, dealing with any queries that may arise, enabling the organisers to focus on the content to make the most of the day. Running a successful event is personally important to the organisers! There needs to be a confidence that everything is going to run smoothly, that there’ll be no hidden costs, no hold-ups and no cutting of corners. It’s about de-stressing and adding value.
Our bespoke event management service is perfect if you’d prefer us to handle everything from beginning to end - or just the elements in between. Brief us on your goals, your event expectations and your budget and we’ll provide a complete costed proposal. Once agreed, your dedicated event manager will ensure everything goes like clockwork, keeping you in the loop each step of the way and keeping costs within budget.
Billing and Expenses
As we know the detail of your requirements, the service providers involved, and which attendees need to go where, we can also make sure that all the billing is handled as it should be. We can validate all the charges, raising any queries over costs before they are passed to the company. We can also retain digital copies of all bills to aid in cost validation and audit.
By managing the payments, we can reduce central costs through consolidated billing backed up with all the detail of the charges. This consolidated billing enables the company to instantly reclaim their VAT based on the invoices we issue.
We continue to review the latest technology to aid the ease of billing and expense management. We provide a robust service that works in partnership with a company’s own centralised processes, reducing costs which can make a direct saving against the bottom line.

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