How do you incorporate social media?

16 May 2014
78% of event organisers plan to increase their use of social media in the future, but is this plan rhetoric or genuine? While 84% of event organisers promote their events on Facebook, less than two thirds use Twitter and less than half use YouTube.

Social media is everywhere, all of the time; you’ll do well to escape it. It’s important to remember to properly incorporate it into your event – not really news for event organisers, but there are a few things to look out for.

Post on every single social network - is a BAD idea. “Our competitors don’t use social media for their events, so we don’t need to” - is also a BAD idea.

Most event managers will have ideas about what forms of networking they should be doing online, but not enough do. LinkedIn posts from event managers saying, in a two-line snippet, “really enjoyed our event last night at…... thanks for coming” and when you visit the company website for information, none can be found.
Here are a few forms of Social Media you might already have, but have yet to utilise.

Vine – mobile videoing lets users create a six second looping video. With a small space of time (since attention spans are shortening) you can fill a short video with your event details but leave viewers wanting more and therefore looking out for more event news.

Pinterest – create an event specific board and use it to leak the theme or feel of the event by posting pins of your venue or guest speaker/ entertainment. A great way for guests to interact and re-pin your information to their boards.

YouTube – use all of the Vines you have made and make them into a long video promoting your event. Not just this, make sure that after the event, you have a video of highlights for guests to look back on.

Facebook – Don’t just use it to gage RSVP’s but also use it to create conversations about certain topics. Arrange a time and place to meet at your event with those who you have spoken to on Facebook. And of course post some interesting and un-embarrassing pictures of your guests and your event.

Twitter – Not only to organise your event hashtag to engage delegates on the day, but start a Q&A with guests speakers before and after the event to keep the conversation going. Get guests to fill out and re-tweet your feedback forms; maybe for that prize you promised?

Blog – On your website, you may have an upcoming events calendar - why not have a been and gone blog. Tell everyone about your last string of events and how successful they are; they’ll be looking out for the next one.

Seeing as 95% of event managers request delegate feedback but only 30% succeed, use social media as a fantastic way of reengaging guests and getting their thoughts.

How do your events use social media?
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