Promoting your event through social media

Making the most of social media

6 February 2019
Social media is heavily used throughout the events industry with nearly 90% of event organisers now using social media for pre-event engagement, it is the quickest way to get in front of a larger audience to create awareness and build interest.
Are you thinking of doing the same to promote your event or engage with attendees? It may be that feedback is more important to you? If so, which is the best form of social media to use?
So far Facebook is leading the way with over 88% of event organisers actively using it to manage their customers. LinkedIn isn’t far behind at 80%, followed by Twitter and Instagram at 60%, but is this usage effective?
Over 50% of event organisers specified that Facebook is the most effective, this drops to just over 25% effectiveness for LinkedIn and just over 10% for twitter, with Instagram being as low as 6%
By utilising the different channels, you’ll soon realise which are effective for you, especially with modern day analytics helping you to decide which are the most beneficial for future events,
A small tip is to only post when you’re ready, once the event details are flowing through social media your audience will want to know more.

Have you anticipated what they’ll need and is the company/event prepared for them, social media is a great way to generate a flow of interest towards your website so make sure it’s up to date with every required detail.

Here are a few forms of Social Media channels you might already have but have yet to utilise.

Facebook – Don’t just use it to gage RSVP’s but also use it to create conversations about certain topics. Arrange a time and place to meet at your event with those who you have spoken to on Facebook. And of course, post some interesting and un-embarrassing pictures of your guests and your event.
LinkedIn – It’s a great tool for targeting specific industries, join groups so the right people can see your posts, especially if the number of connections you have is low. Use it to invite specific people and arrange meetings at the event. Make sure you actively comment and join in with conversations which may lead to other ways to promote your event.

Twitter – Not only to organise your event hashtag to engage delegates on the day, but start a Q&A with guests speakers before and after the event to keep the conversation going. Get guests to fill out and re-tweet your feedback forms; maybe for that prize you promised?

Website Blog – On your website, you may have an upcoming events calendar - why not have a ‘past and future’ blog. This way you can tell everyone about your last string of events and how successful they are; they’ll be looking out for the next one, especially if you post the link!
Vine – mobile videoing lets users create a six second looping video. With a small space of time (since attention spans are shortening) you can fill a short video with your event details but leave viewers wanting more and therefore looking out for more event news.

Pinterest – create an event specific board and use it to leak the theme or feel of the event by posting pins of your venue or guest speaker/ entertainment. A great way for guests to interact and re-pin your information to their boards and keep promoting it.

YouTube – use all the videos you have made and make them into a long video promoting your event. Not just this, make sure that after the event, you have a video of highlights for guests to look back on, and remember to post the link.
One area not mentioned is how often should you post, if your following the crowd, which in this case isn’t a bad idea then look at a minimum of once a day, over 50% of event organiser post several times a day.

…and when it’s all finished don’t forget to use social media to re-engage with your attendees and get that all important feedback, you can also use it to hint about your next event.
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