Why creativity makes money

In challenging times, smart solutions make sense

18 August 2016
While catching up with a customer the other day, the conversation turned to a series of framework projects they were considering. They had reached the conclusion they simply couldn’t make the numbers work due to labour and associated costs, but as travel expenses were a big contributory factor they wanted to run it past us first.
That’s the great thing about the best relationships - they are partnerships where we can engage with each other and fine better and smarter ways of working together.
The framework was an interesting proposition and represented a long term opportunity in a sector that should remain fairly resilient during this time of economic uncertainty. The great news was that by engaging in how the project would operate, and by creatively considering the practicalities of the accommodation and travel requirements, our customer could make an informed decision on whether this was something they could make work. They decided to pursue the framework so we will wait and see whether this is everything they hope it can be.
Sometimes it’s simpler to talk, to weigh things up, to chat through the practicalities. The simple facts of the matter are that together in partnership we work together to find the right answer - whether that answer means you proceed with something, or indeed if that means you don’t. Along the way we can keep things simple or come up with a smarter better solution.
Ultimately our priority is your priorities - understanding you, your business, what’s important to you. Those kind of partnerships are for the long term and the kind of relationships that last.
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