Jemma Mayhew
Accounts Assistant

Our broader PHR accounts roles are handled by Jemma, more especially payments outbound, and sales ledger administration. She also helps with PHR reconciliations, payments and handles client accounting issues. By having all our auditing and accounting people in one office, it allows us to offer the most complete hotel & event management service for you - and for the people you look after.
When not chasing accounting paperwork, Jemma enjoys spending time with her pals, going to the movies and watching windsurfing. Emirates Stadium is a venue that inspires her, especially when Arsenal are at home.

we love what we do
and so do our clients

} "Just keep doing what your doing. The staff answering the phones and dealing with emails are doing a great job. If there are queries on an accomodation site your people answer the question or if this is not known they find the answer in a timely fashion. Better still, my staff never having anything to complain about which one less thing to worry about. Thank you and keep it up"

-Simon, IT Sector Client
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